Downtown Durham Condos with Private Garages
nighttime at Mangum506


We wanted the space to be cool and affordable. We wanted to offer something new to the mix. And finally, we wanted to design it from the ground up as residential space with amenities that mattered like parking.


- Scott Harmon, Architect and Developer


It was bound to happen. As interesting as they are, there are only so many old commercial buildings that can be turned into residences in Downtown Durham. In 2007, architect Scott Harmon and his development partners Susana Dancy and Andrew Philipps had a vision for something with a more contemporary flair, a little edgier, a little sexier, a counterpoint to the prevailing aesthetic of old brick and exposed beams.

Mangum506 was built to fulfill that vision with 10 foot ceilings, windows that open, lots of glass to let in light and take in the views, modern kitchens, energy efficiency, sound insulation and that rarest of urban amenities, private garages.

The two buildings are designed to look similar, but not identical. Just as a street has two different buildings on each side, so does the courtyard of Mangum 506 offer different experiences on each side. The private courtyard provides light and air and a mix of quiet views to compliment the more dramatic and energetic views of downtown.

You haven't noticed? Downtown Durham is more than just a phoenix arising from the ashes of the dying tobacco and textile industries. Durham has become an international city, open and accepting. Downtown Durham was ripe for a residential option that delivered a modern refuge in the newly vibrant city core.

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